Jan Rabie (1920-2001) was an African writer of short stories, novels and other literary works. Rabie was one of the so-called Sestigers , a group of influential African writers of the 1960s.



Die Hemelblom by Jan Rabie, 1971.

Die Hemelblom (The sky flower) is a Sci-fi novel about the Galactic Council that sends "sky flowers" to the hopelessly polluted and exploited earth, which then covered the earth and supplanted all other life. So it is an early warning about the dangers of pollution to the earth and its inhabitants. The sky flowers will wither as soon as they covered the whole earth, and it will leave a clean uninhabited earth. The scientists who serve in Cape 2, the space observation station on the Karoo side of the Boland coastal mountains, is surprised at the appearance of the sky flower. They are the commander Francois Korsten, the engineering student Bill Murray and botanist Peter Jordan. Then are abducted by Marwa, an alien working for the Galactic Council. (Translated from Afrikaans)


Hemelblom is a continuation of Rabie's earlier Sci-fi novels:

Swart Ster oor die Karoo ( Black Star over the Karoo ), 1957.

Swart Ster oor die Karoo (Black Star over the Karoo), 1957.

In Swart Ster oor die Karoo (Black Star over the Karoo) beings from the dead Black Star Nos (Latin for "we") brings a rotation stoppage of the earth because mankind with its nuclear arsenal has become a danger to himself and the universe. This arrest led to South Africa on the dark side of the earth that is covered with snow and ice, while the people perish on the sunny side in the eternal heat. At the research station Saakni in the Karoo scientists try to find a solution to growing cold by artificial food, while the professor of astronomy with other scientists and extraterrestrial beings Dr. Stellaris is on a space trip away to try and solve the problem. The astronauts return with the knowledge of how to save mankind and with a will to eradicate the terror of nuclear arsenals. (Translated from Afrikaans)

Die Groen Planeet ( The Green Planet ), 1961.

Die Groen Planeet (The Green Planet), 1961.

The Green Planet " describes a test plan to prevent total destruction of the earth by establishing a colony on Mars. This plan is approved by the members of the council of the Earth (Terra) first world government and the establishment of the colony called Operation Phoenix. The first guinea pigs on Mars has a struggle to survive on this barren planet died and two members of the crew. The other decided to stay on Mars, even when they have the opportunity to go back to this earth. So the message is given that the person is able to adapt to exceptional circumstances and survive. Rabie basing his story on the then limited scientific knowledge about Mars and the space, with its own projections that science has no answers. (Translated from Afrikaans)